Company leader in production and textile distribution
Specialized in designing men's shirts

About us

Since the company was founded in the 1970s, we have been dedicated to the manufacture, design and distribution of fabrics. Our work ranges from the selection of the best spinning and weaving to the final product design, always innovative and of the highest quality.


We are passionate about design and fashion. One of our goals is to offer a quality product to both young and old. Our designs and quality standards are aimed to fit the good taste of our customers, regardless of their age. Our team makes a crucial contribution in providing the company with new and innovative ideas.


Another of our objectives as a company is to expand our operations in the textile and knitwear market to other countries. Through this expansion Jitex would boost its production line to become a market pioneer, guaranteeing our quality, effort, dedication and passion for design and bringing those qualities beyond our borders to countries all over the world.


More than three decades developing ideas and weaving innovation.

Founded as a family-owned company in 1979, Jitex has become a benchmark in the manufacture of fabrics, mainly due to its exclusive men's shirt line. Since the beginning, our goal has been to fill a gap in the textile market and provide a much more specialized alternative for entrepreneurs. It is precisely this specialization which has allowed us to continuously evolve and improve processes and production materials.

Our reason our company exists is the love of design and fashion. Alejandro Jimenez, founder of Jitex, has dedicated his life to textiles and Jitex also has a fantastic team committed to the quality, design and innovation that has always directed our decisions in adapting to new trends, cutting edge design and custom style on request.


Creativity, innovation and technique in each collection

At Jitex we have an exclusive and varied catalogue of products made with 100% cotton and blended fabrics with natural and synthetic fibres, designed for every occasion and adapted to suit all tastes and budgets.

Depending on the needs of our customers, we work with two product lines. For those customers who require very high quality exclusive standards, we have our City and Middle East lines.

For those customers looking for is something more affordable, without sacrificing style, we have our sport and print lines, designed for the production of mens shirts, womens wear, children wear, boxers, pyjamas, uniforms and much more.


Dedicated to those who love classic, fashionable and novel garments. This line stands out for its characteristic manufacture and beautiful fabrics which can become unforgettable creations that impress on any occasion.

Middle East

Destined for our most demanding niche market, this product line stands out for its high quality fibres and fabrics tailor-made for the Middle East market and includes top of the range creations with exclusive finishes directly requested by the market. Place your order and we will deliver a unique and exclusive product.


Our range also includes fabrics with various patterns and colours, produced with a wide variety of dyed or natural yarns and following the latest trends. With these fabrics you can create timeless looks.


We have distinctive and varied stock produced using the latest technology and our vast experience to obtain fabrics with first-class finishes: coloured fabrics, striped, plaid, etc. The prints are characterised by good taste and versatility and are adapted to the current trends in fashion.

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